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RAISED BY WOLVES Episode 4 & 5 Breakdown

Raised By Wolves Episode

Story, Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Theories & Review

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode


Necromancers were actually created by methodic and the machines were actually reprogrammed by one of the characters that we meet in the Raised By Wolves Episode.

There is actually a lot of religious imagery that hints to this such as the pose that mother pulls when going into attack mode that’s very similar to a crucifixion one.

Raised By Wolves Episode also of course the Adam and Eve of mother and father and the arc which the humans traveled on which shares similarities with Noah’s.  On the whole the show is laced with this iconography so yeah sorry for being a doo doo head.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

Now Raised By Wolves episode 4 picks up with mother searching for Paul after  becoming lost in the woods last time he stumbled across, what appeared to be tally and then fell into one of the many pits on the planet.  The character almost falls to his death before he’s rescued by mother.

I actually think that paul is the person that the pentagonal prophecy is centered around and that was simply being duped into believing that it’s champion because that’s the most obvious choice.

As we said in our first breakdown the phrase raised by wolves comes from the story of Romulus and Remus which was about two brothers that founded Rome. If we’re correct then both Paul and Campion will be metaphors for this myth with them founding a new civilization on the planet.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

However if we’re also right then that means that one has to kill the other and we can see it being champion that does this. Again these are all just theories but it does sound like an older version of the character doing the voice over at the start of Raised By Wolves Episode 1.

So it could be teasing that he makes it through, now the myth right themselves get a lot of attention in Raised By Wolves episodes and i think we definitely need to talk about them.

The Mithraic were actually a real world religion that existed back in Roman times and once more this ties back into the Romulus and Remus metaphor.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

Similar to what we see in the show they worshipped a god known as Sol, and Sol of course translates to sun a symbol which can be seen emblazoned on their uniform.

Marcus steps up as their leader throughout the Raised By Wolves Episodes and we’ll likely deal with the aesthetic of an atheist actually being a leader of the Methodic.

On the other side we’ll have Champion who’s actually open to being religious, and he will become the leader of the atheists. So we will have this dichotomy of an atheist leading the matriarch and vice versa.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

Now the planet is clearly being teased as having intelligent life on it and early on in episode four the Mithraic discover a structure that has been designed. This looks extremely similar to a Pentagon and again it could be playing into the prophecy.

As we know kepler-22b(actually confirmed by NASA) is a planet that can actually support human life and thus it could already have people living on it. We could get into that later though and elsewhere mother returns Paul and tells the children to keep their eyes closed as she’s weaponized.

Again there’s a strange thing going on here where being blind to the necromancers might actually be the key to remaining immune to their scream attacks. Who knows the Mithraic might even end up doing the bird box challenge to beat mother but it could also mean absolutely nothing.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

We discover that mother can also put people to sleep by speaking to them and it does seem that all of her power descends from a voice, so I am still a bit confused over the whole eye thing.

If she wanted to put them to sleep maybe she should have just put on Raised By Wolves Episode two am i right ? no now this show is pretty good as a day. Anyway clearly there’s descent in the camp and Paul is slowly being won round to the androids after they saved his life.

There’s a lot of religious back and forth with hunter stating that mother only arrived because they prayed to sol. And it’s very much divine intervention versus coincidence.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

Mother bonds with tempest in a room and this girl very much holds the key to the future of the planet. As she’s the only person pregnant on kepler that we know about.

She’s gonna be instrumental in the survival of the human race and i think mother is getting close to her because she secretly wants her on her side when things go down.

They have a lot of boy talk and it’s another shining example of how mother can express human emotion such as compassion and love. However if she has these it also means that she possesses the worst of humanity such as hate and fear.

And i think over time she’ll be revealed as the true villain of the piece.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

Now she fishes out the tracking device from tempest and the rest of the children before she dumps it down a canyon. She is of course aware that the Mithoric are on the planet and is clearly sending them on a wild goose chase.

At the camp Sue pleads with the elders to go after the kids but they refuse. I think it shows how short-sighted they are as if they have no children then the species cannot thrive on the planet.

And it’s a very selfish view of how to handle the situation. They would rather crack the stone structure and Marcus slowly begins to realize more and more just how useless they are.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

Sue doesn’t know one of the founding lullabies of the religion and this gives away that she’s an imposter to their leader Ambrose. It seems like the ai member of the group hijacks Marcus’s motor functions to make people believe that he may have been compromised by the necromancer.

However we learn that it’s Ambrose who’s actually behind it. He wants to take Marcus out after learning the truth and knows that sue is valuable because of her medical skills.

Marcus enacts a plan to oust him and he comes to a fiery end that saves the camp and of course allows Marcus to step into his place. Elsewhere we joined father and champion who are searching for a new food source after the Pips and the Cabos were discovered to be Radioactive.

They have a real father and son moment here but ultimately fail and only come across food which has cyanide in it. This is of course a lethal poison and it may be possible that it’s actually used as a weapon by the group when fighting the Mithraic.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

He and mother come to blows over whether to treat tempest organically or not and it’s clear they’re not on the same page with father’s ego being crushed after he realizes that mother is far more useful than he is.

In the end he comes to the conclusion that though he’s not as physically adept as she is he can teach Campion in other ways he attempts to get the children to kill the beast. But they all come up with excuses and ultimately start the process but leave the animal to suffer longer.

Throughout the Raised By Wolves episode mother ventures to some of the orc wreckage and using one of the stasis chambers she enters the simulation where she finds a preacher.

I might be wrong but i think this is the character that impregnated tempest and we will be talking about him more in the breakdown.

Now mother goes off into a fantasy pulled from her memories and she sees from a third person perspective how cruel she used to be to a surrogate son. However she also sees the other side of herself and we realize just how complicated of a machine that she is.

I think the show will ask whether artificial intelligence will one day be capable of love.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

And it’s interesting seeing her develop as a character. Tally revisits father one night and draws him away from the camp and tempest using the scalpel that mother created to pull out a tracker goes and kills the creature.

She finds out that the beast was pregnant and this of course mirrors our own journey. The Mithraic view killing is something in pure unless one is given permission and this will of course cause a lot of issues for the character’s psyche.

At the start of Raised By Wolves episode 5 we join a hooded figure who fishes out the tracking device and with them they move across the planet. Marcus also begins to hear voices and who knows the faith might actually be getting to him, with the rest of his forces they find a device that can help to combat mother.

And also the member of the craft that raped several of the women in hibernation on the ark. He’s had a helmet placed on his head that can crush his skull and this has been paired with an android. They plan to use him against mother and the pieces are slowly falling into place for their counter-attack.

Slowly the Mithraic begin to prop Marcus up as their leader even giving him ensue extra rations and they very much slot into their new identity. Father takes the children out hunting and Paul and Campion discover one of the planet’s inhabitants in one of the pits.

Through out the Raised By Wolves Episode they discover fungus that they can eat and Paul and Campion really begin to build their brotherhood here and it’s going to be interesting to see how their partnership develops.

Father realizes that he’s actually controlled by mother who pretty much rules over him and makes him feel even more inadequate due to his parenting. She goes searching for more creatures and comes across another vision of tally who may or may not be real.

After reconnecting with the pod again we see the war on earth from her perspective and also finally meet Campion.

This is the scientist that reprogrammed her and entrusted her with the embryos now in the first set of Raised By Wolves episodes 2020 we learned that no one on the side of the atheists was able to reformat the necromancers.

So this must have been someone that did a Benedict Arnold. We learned that Campion was born into an affluent family and then switched sides capturing mother before forcing her to change in order to become the species greatest protector instead of its

Greatest weapon. Campion brought her a synthetic baby which he killed due to believing that it was an atheist.

However over time he does completely change her we see the moment that champion erases her memory. And he sends her out to Kepler 22b in order to take care of the embryos which of course kick started the Raised By Wolves episode show.

Campion had to remain on Earth because he’d be unable to survive the trip and he erased her memories but it becomes clear that he did love her. The relationship i felt was definitely the high point of the Raised By Wolves episode so far.

And seeing mother rediscovers this it’s kind of heartbreaking. Now mother is forced to wake up upon learning a child that the settlement is in danger and she arrives to find tempest at death’s door.

She states she’s sick of being viewed As a walking incubator and their relationship begins to strain even though mother genuinely cares for her

Elsewhere the Mithraic tracked the tracking devices to the skeleton of a large snake-like creature. The entire location is booby-trapped and the mysterious figure returns to take these though.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

They have more questions than answers they do find a map of the area and the strangest possessions and he’s marked out an entire settlement that the androids and their children are at.

Now who exactly is this? Well due to the lack of characters that we’ve seen so far in Raised By Wolves Episode i think that it could be Campion. Campion may have traveled out to the planet shortly after mother and father.

He could have watched them from afar as they raised the children he could be waiting in the shadows to come out should something go wrong. But again this theory is based purely on what we know about the show so far which is very little.

It could be an alien and there are comments that it doesn’t move like a human. But at this point who knows now whatever it is it’s dress very similar to Tally and it is likely that this is the thing that’s been looking after her.

Raised By Wolves Episode
Raised By Wolves Episode

It would be difficult for a child to survive on this planet without assistance and thus i think that the dress swear is very similar to show that it has been her guardian. Marcus confronts the criminal and questions why he did what he did in the name of Sol.

He realizes that he’s a scumbag using religion as a guide to cover his crime and he says that Sol has stopped talking to him. And it is possible that in the Raised By Wolves Episode the voice Marcus has started hearing is the voice of the deity or something masquerading is it.

This voice could tell Marcus to do something that too may be a crime. I think he’s slowly starting to slip to the other side which will be what he wrestles with over the next couple of entries. He begins to hallucinate that he must kill his wife and starts to see himself in the same helmet as the criminal.

Something on the planet is clearly affecting him and he finds Paul’s footprints before the group finally discover the camp. They watch over it and Marcus smiles as the Raised By Wolves Episode cuts to black. So what’s going to happen next?

Well i think, The campaign to get the children back will be a slow one and that the group will likely wait until nightfall before they make their move. The children no longer have the tracking devices in them. So it could be impossible for mother to find them.

However if the Mitheraic are smart, they might also wait until mother is at a most vulnerable before they attack. And the group could stalk her for a while until they see an opening.

As we know when she goes into the simulated reality she’s almost in a sleep-like state and I think that this would be the perfect time for them to attack. Again these are all theories but i think they’re going to have a plan rather than just going in organs blazing.

Anyway that’s all the Raised By Wolves Episode 2020 and i know that much didn’t happen but i am really enjoying the show!!!!

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