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A Guy Fed a Trapped Wolf for 7-Days Then 5-Years Later They Met Again In The Forest…

A Guy Fed a Trapped Wolf for 7-Days Then 5-Years Later They Met Again In The Forest…

Forty years ago a guy named Chris was still a very young traveler. It so happened that he came to Alaska, the mysterious local nature attracted the traveler. But his main goal was gold which Chris mined there with a group of enthusiasts.


Most of the time they stayed in groups of a few people going out into the wild alone was dangerous, but it so happened that the guy did go out while his companions stayed in the hut. Many of them had caught a cold and simply wanted to rest.

Chris knew that it was dangerous but still decided to go for a short outing. He didn’t know at the time that instead of jewels he’d come face to face with a predator.


Chris was making his way through the snow he was already two kilometers from the camp and moving slowly towards the riverbed. When suddenly a large dog caught his attention.

hiking in snow

He was very surprised, what could a lonely dog be doing in the wild? Chris assumed that its owners might be somewhere near the animal behaved aggressively being young and Inexperienced the guy decided to go down the hill and see what was happening there, but had a distance of about 20 meters.

Wolf eyes

After getting a closer look at the animal Chris froze, what looked like a big grey dog at first turned out to be a real huge wild wolf. Having noticed the man the animal bared its fangs and growled menacingly. Since the gold digger had no chance of escaping he simply closed his eyes but the animal didn’t move.


When he opened his eyes the guy realized that the wild animal was caught in a trap left out by poachers, moreover it wasn’t just a male wolf but a nursing mother wolf.

The man realized that the animal obviously needed help, but the she-wolf didn’t want to let him come closer and the man wasn’t really too keen on the idea either.

Chris’s mouth was dry he was sweating just imagine yourself in his place. Alone in the wild and if there were other wolves around no one could help him, but what could he do leave the poor animal to die? perhaps that’s what someone else would do.

Alone in Jungle

But Chris realized that the wolf den might be somewhere near and that the pups might still be alive he only needed to find them and bring them to their mother. The paw prince went quite far the guy was fighting himself in his head “what am i doing?” fear was taking over him as he moved farther and farther away from the camp following the footsteps.

wolf pup

The guy had to walk for several kilometres in the snow before he managed to find the den with the pups. When Chris was getting closer, the little pups got frightened as any other babies would and hid in the den at the sight of the big and scary person, there was no time for hesitation.

baby wolf

He took out a bag he had on him and put the pups in it, the trip back took him about an hour and all this time the pups whined and floundered in the bag and even tried to growl.

Even before the man got to the mother wolf he heard a large moan, most likely the mother sensed the smell of the pups. The guy untied the bag with the little ones and the four pups rushed to their mother whining loudly.

They immediately buried themselves in her stomach and began munching loudly the mother wolf licked her children and watched cautiously what the traveler was doing. The guy tried to help the wolf out of the trap a few times, but she immediately began to growl every time she saw the man trying to get closer.

Our hero had a little meat left so he threw a few pieces to the wolf but to his surprise she refused to eat it, probably suspecting some sort of catch Chris sat there watching the family until late in the evening. After it got dark he returned to his camp but didn’t tell anyone about what happened.


The next day when everyone went to work Chris decided to take more food and go back to the wolf. The gold digger saw that the meat was eaten and the mother was warming up her Pups.


This went on for several days every morning the young man would go to the animal and feed her, but she still continued to growl in him every day.

Man In Snow

The pups however began to trust the man on the third day already and happily jumped around him and licked his hands. When the man would pet the pups the mother watched them intently and as soon as his hands would touch the little ones she’d immediately call them over.She didn’t trust the stranger!

Wolf Sleeping

At one point the guy looked up and noticed that the mother wolf slightly wagged her tail it was a victory! Chris got near the animal very slowly barely breathing. He opened the trap finally setting the mother free, she ran off for a few meters and called for her pups to join her together.

Wolf Mom start running

The large family hid in the thick forest Chris has never seen them again. A week later the man returned to his home in jersey, he’d already forgotten about this story only sometimes telling it to his closest friends but no one believed him.

Five years have passed since these events took place our hero started working for a finishing company and once again found himself in Alaska, not far from that same place.

Wood finishing company

One day the man had to deliver a letter to the neighboring village he left early in the morning on his snowmobile but it broke down halfway there.


He tried everything he could to start it again, but it just wouldn’t work it was very cold. The village was only a few kilometers away but it was getting dark one kilometer later he saw a dark silhouette on his way, all the locals knew that being alone far from the village especially after dark was suicide.

Very Cold

There was danger everywhere and no way to escape from a pack of wolves. Chris panicked he realized and felt that he was closely watched by a pack of predators. He saw how they skillfully surrounded him forcing their prey into a circle slowly closing in on him, he counted five large wolves in his head Chris was already saying goodbye to his life.

Pack Of Wolves

His heavy breathing and heartbeat were so strong that he couldn’t even stand up and fell to his knees. One of the predators was approaching him it stopped at a distance of a couple meters but didn’t rush to attack the man, as horrified as he was Chris looked into the eyes of the wolf and recognized them.

Wolf eyes watching

It was the same mother wolf she was much older her fur had gotten dull but it was definitely her. The animal tensed up closely watching the man their eyes met for less than a minute, after which she wagged her tail a couple of times and ran back into the forest the rest of the pack followed her.

Mom wolf follow by group pups

This time the saved animal disappeared into the snow forever and the traveler safely reached the Village. It so happened that one day a man saved the lives of a wolf and her pups and many years later the wolf paid him back.